New location in Berlin
With our new location, we can offer our customers an even better service for the German market.
Open Call 31.7.2023
Innovation Eco-system to Accelerate the Industrial Uptake of Advanced Surface Nano-Technologies
New location in Berlin
With our new location, we can offer our customers an even better service for the German market.
Open Call 31.7.2023
Innovation Eco-system to Accelerate the Industrial Uptake of Advanced Surface Nano-Technologies
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Working at Inspiralia

Post from 14. September 2022

The development opportunities are constantly increasing!

Kristof Pipam

Team leader from the investment and financing team tells us about his experience

Corporate finance, and the funding sector in particular, is characterized by a high degree of dynamism. In the last two years in particular, social and economic developments have had a massive impact on the funding landscape; at regular intervals, it has been necessary to react quickly to new events.
This is not always easy and the demand for flexibility and commitment is correspondingly high, but it also never gets boring.
My area of responsibility changed significantly every few months. I was quickly given a lot of responsibility and a high degree of decision-making freedom, as well as the opportunity to make mistakes.
After just over a year at Inspiralia, I was already appointed to a management position, where I also built up a team structure from virtually 0. This was not always free of friction and there were a lot of learnings, but also a lot of successes.
In the last six months, we have created numerous internal structures and are now ideally equipped for our targeted growth course.
As someone who likes to be confronted with new challenges and doesn’t want to tread prefabricated paths, I have hit a lucky strike with Inspiralia so far.
I am convinced that in hardly any other job I would have seen/tried out/decided so much in such a short time as I did at Inspiralia. And the best thing is: the development opportunities are constantly increasing!

More flexibility is not possible!

Fabio Schattauer

Junior Consultant in the Research Premium and Research Allowance Team tells us about his experience

I am Fabio Schattauer, 23 years old and have been working part-time at Inspiralia GmbH in Graz since January 2022. At the same time I am still studying Environmental Systems Science-Business Administration at the Karl-Franzens-University. Since this is a full-time study, it was important for me to find an employer that offers me the necessary flexibility besides my studies and that’s exactly what I found.

Depending on how my courses are held in the semester, I can completely freely divide my 20 hours per week, even if I sometimes only work one hour a day, it’s no problem. Another plus point is the direct location of the office next to the university, within 5 minutes I can reach every lecture hall. Also home office is absolutely no problem, it is even made possible for me to work remotely from Bali for 2 weeks during the vacations.

With Inspiralia GmbH I have found the perfect employer besides my studies. I can only recommend to every student, no matter if it is a business or technical study, to become a part of the super team.


Mitarbeiter Workation

Travel the world with Inspiralia’s placementprogram

Anian Tröndle

Team leader from the research and development team tells us about his experience

As the first taking part in the new placement program of Inspiralia, I had the chance to spend 3 month in Madrid, Spain, and to work at the headquarter of Inspiralia, which was a very exciting and valuable experience, I am deeply grateful for!
Even though, it has not been the first time I lived abroad, it was the first time while working, and that brought quite new aspects to it.
It was a great opportunity to improve my Spanish skills and to learn more about the Spanish culture and the different parts and facets of this multi-national company.
In fact, after this time I strongly believe, that incorporating people with such diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, is one of the key factors for the success of Inspiralia, and makes it a great and dynamic place to work!
Madrid is a vibrant, full-scale European metropole, and therefore, I definitely had a small culture shock at the beginning, coming from the small city of Graz.
But the part of the Inspiralia family located in Madrid, made me feel very welcome, even at home, from the first day on, and that made the transition a lot easier for me.
Thus, I want to specially thank everybody there, who has been so kind and helpful!
To sum up,….
….to everybody inside of Inspiralia: If you are interested in getting to know new cultures and to learn more about the company, I strongly recommend taking the part in the placement program!
….to everybody outside of Inspiralia: Check out this dynamic, international, multi-cultural and fast growing company, as we are always looking for new ambitions members of the Inspiralia family!

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